Antiques Roadshow dimanche 3 mai 2020 20h15


Antique valuation programme, A team of well-respected antique experts travel around the UK visiting a string of beautiful locations such as castles, stately homes, mansions, gardens and museums. At each of these sites, they are met by members of the public who have brought along an antique, family heirloom or curio - hoping to find out the value. The experts all have their own area of interest and specialism, Including artworks, furniture, jewellery, silver, books, clothing and more. They share their knowledge about the piece or collection before making an evaluation and giving the owner an idea of how much such items would go for at auction. This first episode of Antiques Roadshow was shown in 1979 and has since become an institution on British screens.


Titre original
Antiques Roadshow
60 min

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