Noughts + Crosses jeudi 26 mars 2020 22h00


Based on Malorie Blackman's iconic book series, this show is set in a dangerous, alternate world where Europe was colonised by Aprica (no spelling mistake!). We follow the star-crossed love story of Callum McGregor, a Nought (the white underclass) and Sephy Hadley, a Cross (the black ruling class).which crosses the boundaries of their societies and confronts prejudice against interracial relationships. Our modern western world is flipped on its head as Caucasion norms are subjugated to the dominant Aprican culture. As well as romance, the show is full of drama, politics and action while at the same time making us question our current attitudes towards race and discrimination. A great cast stars Jack Rowan and Masali Baduza in the lead roles with excellent support coming from the likes of Helen Baxendale and Ian Hart.


Titre original
Noughts + Crosses
60 min

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