Make Me a Dealer jeudi 24 octobre 2019 16h45


Paul Martin takes two fresh recruits and sets them on the road to being successful antiques dealers. Pitted against each other, the wannabe dealers must use their own hard earned cash to buy and sell antiques to try and make the most profit. Along the way Paul teaches them the tricks of the trade and the dos and don'ts of how to be an antique dealer. The first port of call is at an antiques centre and later at an auction. The fun really starts when they have to sell their items to try and make the most profit! The big crunch comes in an antique emporium where the scene is set for Paul to cast judgement on their dealings and he reveals the winner. Today in Gloucester and Clevedon, artist John Webster takes on globe trotter retiree Caroline Crutchley.


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Make Me a Dealer
45 min

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